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Often times you run across that killer deal on a set of multipiece wheels, only to realize the diameter is not ideal for your application. Well now you can score that cheap set of wheels that has a bent barrel, or is just too small and up-convert them 1 full inch into a size that's more suitable. Currently we are offering complete kits for 15"-16" 16"-17" or 17"-18" BBS wheels (others available via inquiry). This allows you a huge range of options and gives ultimate flexibility. Our complete kits include everything you need to build and seal your wheels, offering complete convenience while using only the absolute highest quality parts sourced from Europe.

KIT INCLUDES: > (1) 6062 Sheet Aluminum Up-Conversion Lip > (1) 6062 Sheet Aluminum Up-Conversion Barrel > (34) BFI / ARP M7x32 Stainless Bolts > (34) M7x1 Dacromet Coated Nuts > (1) 8.3mm Narrow Valve Stem (short-height or tall-height) > (1) Tube of Sealant (per wheel set)


Proprietary BFI x ARP Stainless Steel Wheel Bolts equivalent of grade 12.9. These bolts offer the absolute greatest durability and are the strongest on the market. It is necessary to upgrade hardware when upsizing due to the increased loads the wheels are subjected to. While factory bolts can work, they were never intended to be subjected to such stress and as a result become the weak link. We value safety which is why we developed these exclusive bolts specifically for these applications.


To compliment our wheel bolts we also include brand new nuts as well. These are M7x1 Dacromet coated so that you ensure excellent fastening and overall complete wheel restoration.


An often overlooked component of wheel building is the valve stem. We offer these low profile, 8.3mm narrow valve stems to give the cleanest possible look while also being compatible with the BBS wheel lip. These are very difficult to come by and they are excellent addition to any wheel build that helps set it above the rest


Last but not least, inside each kit is one tube of Soudaseal wheel sealant. This industrial adhesive has the perfect properties for keeping air inside your wheel, and you from being stranded on the side of the road due to a flat tire. These tubes are good for at least a couple sets of wheels, if you should choose to use it again in the future





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