Veronika's Clapped Out MK2 ABA


Not only is our latest "clapped out" selection a female driven MK2 but it has quite a bit of character as well. With its period correct exterior pieces and subtle ABA engine swap, this MK2 has all the pieces to make the discerning enthusiast smile and the judgmental yuppie cringe.

Photos by Erik Muller

  First name / Screen Name? Veronika. Screen name? haha pretty sure the last one I had was "idkmybffvz" because of the cell phone commercial.

How long have you owned your car? Since June 2009.

How many miles are on it? Body has 156,xxx -Motor has 126,xxx -Swapped in an ABA right at the 150,000 mile mark

What one thing gives your car the most character? personally think the quad lights on the front. I am in love with Mk2 front ends. Or, that there is a girl behind the steering wheel of said front end.

What BFI parts have you purchased and installed to make your car better? Regular maintenance- now with the swap in place I can focus on upgrades!

What are your future plans? Cam and Chip, Mk4 AEG swap, next year maybe 2.0T? I would love to put VDO guages in my center console, I miss those from my Cabriolets.

What’s your opinion on Aliens? My dad let my brothers and I watch "Fire in the Sky" when we were very young. Still haunts me to this day.

Favorite childhood toy? Legos, hands down.

What kind of shoes are you wearing right now? Girly summer sandals with flowers. I feel pretty.


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Veronika's Clapped Out MK2 ABA

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