Waterfest 20 Event Coverage

Event Coverage


It's hard to believe that Waterfest is now celebrating its 20th year of being the largest watercooled VW / Audi show in North America. That number just makes us feel...well old. Having been a vendor for 10 years, and attending for many more, we've seen the evolution of the show. Each and every year there is speculation on the future of this event, however as much as other shows try to steal the thunder of Waterfest they cannot deny the location and venue, the level of organization and the sheer volume of people. We look forward to seeing our Northeastern customers face to face, and seeing all of the cars that don't always make it down our way.

Waterfest is a benchmark show for not just us but many other vendors as well, using the event as a platform for launching new and highly anticipated products. We took the opportunity to showcase our brand new BFI GS2 Air Leather Shift Knob. While we are extremely proud of this awesome piece of interior jewelry, it pales in comparison to the impressiveness of APR's debut of their software upgrade for the MK7 GTI / A3. Our Project UA30 was fortunate enough to be the very first recipient of the A3 software which boosts power an immense amount from 235 hp / 271 tq to 316hp / 381 tq. As if that wasn't enough, we also installed their brand new APR Carbon Fiber Intake System. The end result of this is a stupid fast little sedan with quattro AWD and ultra-fast DSG shifting. On the way home from the show heading back to NC, an unsuspecting E90 M3 owner was very disappointed when we demonstrated what a less expensive Audi was capable of. It was not even a contest.

DSC_2825 copy

Another product debut from Black Forest Industries, our Upconverted 19" AMG Aero IIs Contact us with any custom wheel lip, barrel, accessory needs


APR was also showing off some wheels of their own, very race inspired lightweight rollers mounted on most of their cars in their booth.

DSC_2827 copy

When APR wasn't busy flashing a long line of cars with their software they were flying their aerial video drone, trying to get that perfect footage.

DSC_2831 copy

Another look at our A5 with the AMG wheels mounted up.

DSC_2832 copy

Our "sleeper" A3 showing off the brand new intake as well as OEM+ looking BBS wheelset.

DSC_2833 copy   DSC_2837 copy DSC_2841 copy

This engine bay belongs to Eurohouse, our Puerto Rican dealer. This car was able to run an 11.7 and it has both our Stage 2 Performance Engine Mounts and our Clean Catch Oil Separator installed.

DSC_2843 copy

Co-driver in the making.

DSC_2845 copy DSC_2848 copy DSC_2849 copy

Sometimes you just can't get that shot

DSC_2852 copy

We really liked this TT, so here's another look

DSC_2853 copy DSC_2854 copy DSC_2855 copy DSC_2857 copy

Savage Chassis brought along a clean little caddy

DSC_2860 copy DSC_2861 copy DSC_2863 copy

HPA was in attendance, all the way from the left coast and was teasing everyone with this Scirocco.

DSC_2865 copy DSC_2866 copy

Jamie, from Orchid Euro finally stopped making excuses for not attending and was showing in full force with his new rig set up. He brought along his ever popular Lupo with the polished hood and his longtime Fox project that apparently attracts the color orange, like moths to a flame.

DSC_2867 copy

Azev wheels with rubber bands. Brave stuff for Jersey roads.

DSC_2870 copy DSC_2871 copy DSC_2872 copy DSC_2873 copy DSC_2877 copy DSC_2879 copy

Maybe two of the weirdest / most unique / special cars of the show are the pair of Corrado Magnums that were imported by Orchid Euro for a US collector and race car driver. Not only does the owner now shelter these two unicorns, but he also has an extremely low mileage VR6 and G60, almost showroom mint pair of silver Corrados. It's a contagious disease so you might not want to get too close to this guy.

DSC_2880 copy DSC_2881 copy DSC_2882 copy

Sorry, we just like MK4 R32s

DSC_2888 copy DSC_2889 copy

This B5 was rocking heavy metal flake, bass boat paint.

DSC_2891 copy DSC_2893 copy DSC_2897 copy DSC_2898 copy DSC_2899 copy DSC_2901 copy DSC_2903 copy

Check the passenger's style. No AC can be a bummer, but honestly the weather was really amazing this past weekend.

DSC_2904 copy DSC_2908 copy DSC_2909 copy DSC_2911 copy DSC_2912 copy DSC_2914 copy DSC_2915 copy Love it. DSC_2916 copy DSC_2917 copy DSC_2918 copy DSC_2919 copy DSC_2923 copy DSC_2928 copy DSC_2930 copy

And a parting shot of our GS2 ( and GS1 ) shift knobs. Works of art.

DSC_2933 copy

Waterfest 20 Event Coverage

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