Griot's Garage 10950 Speed Shine (Quick Detailer) 22oz

SKU: 10950

Speed Shine creates a super-slippery layer of lubrication that gently loosens and lifts dust, pollen, smudges, light grime, and bird bombs off your paint. It is safe for all paints and clearcoats and can also be used on trim, wheels, and interior plastic trim. Speed Shine is the best five minutes you can spend with your car. Works best with our thick, blue PFM ® Detailing Towels.

Features & Benefits

  • Gently Loosens And Lifts Dust, Pollen, Smudges, And Light Grime
  • Preserve Your Paint's "Just Washed" Gloss
  • Effective On Moldings, Wheels, And Interior Plastic Trim
  • Safe For Use On Paint Protection Films
  • No Supplier Warranty