Griot's Garage 10951 Black Satin Tire Coating 15oz

SKU: 10951

For those that prefer a subdued look, Black Satin Tire Coating provides a dark, satin appearance on all tires. Its advanced formula dries to the touch for a non-greasy finish and provide extended durability against rain and multiple car washes. It even smells good. We employ a fine spray tip that delivers a light mist, ensuring an even, run-free application. The beauty of this product is how it allows you to dial in a realistic like-new look for your tires or add a satin luster by applying additional coats.

Features & Benefits

  • Only Aerosol Tire Dressing On The Market To Produce A Satin Finish
  • For Those That Prefer A Low-Gloss, Satin Look
  • Provides Extended Durability Against Rain
  • Quickly Dries To The Touch For Mess-Free Application
  • No Supplier Warranty