BFI Clean Catch V2 - Essential Kit - Gen1/2 Transverse TSI


One of the biggest areas of concern for the longevity of your TSI direct injection engine is the long term effects of oil vapor deposition in the intake and valve train. Even though all TSI engines come equipped with a cyclonic oil separator from the factory time has shown that these separators are not enough and that the biggest contributor to these vaporized oil deposits on the intake valves and plenum are the gasses emanating from the PCV system. Without additional filtering and maintenance your intake valves could look like this:

Our Clean Catch Essential Kit is everything you need to help remove excess oil/water vapor from the intake tract and increase the longevity of your TSI engine. The Clean Catch Oil Separator will be the only catch can you will ever need to buy. The Essential Kit uses high quality 200 psi rated Push-Lock Rubber Buna-N Hose with pre-installed internal reinforcement to prevent kinking. Because of the unique braid-reinforced design, push-lock hose does not require clamps or ferrules to stay in place. In fact the more you pull on the fitting, the hose will grip. Rated for use with oil, it Meets MA Class A for oil resistance unlike others on the market which have a similar appearance. Every TSI Essential Kit system comes with OE VW connectors making installation to your valve cover and intake manifold a snap!

Each can employs a specifically designed cylindrical perforated baffle to maximize surface area for increased deposition of condensed vapor, without sacrificing the flow characteristics necessary for the TSI PCV system to function correctly.

Installation of the TSI Clean Catch Oil Separator takes just minutes and is designed to allow clearance both for the stock engine cover/intake to be retained as well as the OE noise pipe to be used.