BFI Clean Catch V2 - Race Kit - Vent To Atmosphere 2.5L 5-Cylinder



We have developed the best vent to atmosphere oil catch can on the market for 2.5l engines outfitted with a short runner intake manifold. The 2.5l Clean Catch will be the only catch can you will ever need to buy. Made from the highest quality components, these catch cans are built to last a lifetime, and beyond. Designed to share components from our successful FSI/TSI Clean Catch series � with the honing of many different iterations of internal baffle design, these cans both look and function as well or better than any on the market today.

Each can employs a specifically designed V-shaped baffle to maximize surface area for increased deposition of condensed vapor. Utilizing CNC aluminum components along with aerospace quality hose, connectors and hardware, these cans both function and look like an OEM quality piece.

Installation of the 2.5l Clean Catch VTA catch can takes just minutes and is specifically designed to fit 2.5l engines with C2�s QuickFlow short runner intake manifold. Every 2.5l Clean Catch system comes with an aluminum can, high flow #8 braided and sport-crimped hoses and hose ends, along with in-house designed CNC machined PCV Port adapter and can bracket. All aluminum pieces are anodized black for longevity and good looks! Every Clean Catch system comes with our proprietary VAGPORT connection system, a revolutionary PCV connection system, consisting of custom designed and machined port adapter specific to Volkswagen applications.


**these instructions are originally intended for the FSI/TSI catch cans, but much of the directions are applicable to this kit.