BFI 20mm Wheel Spacers (Silver), 66.6 Centerbore (5x112) - CLEARANCE

$39.99 $84.99

Wheel bolts can be purchased separately HERE

Please note: This product is a scratch and dent item with minor cosmetic blemishes/defects. Please contact with any questions. 


VW Audi Wheel Spacers

These 20mm spacers are made of CNC aluminum and fit all 5x112 vehicles with a 66.6 centerbore. These spacers are both hub and wheel-centric which makes them vibration free. All wheel spacers are sold in pairs.

  • Ultimately you are the one responsible for safely installing lugs and wheels on your vehicle. If you have any questions on safety or compatibility with your vehicle and/or wheels, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

Use this info-graphic to determine how large of a spacer you can fit onto your vehicle:
Wheel Gap Measurement Info-graphic