BFI MK5 / MK6 Caster+Rear Control Arm Brackets w/ TTRS Solid Rubber Bushings


With our new control arm brackets you can improve the feel and handling of your MK5/ MK6 chassis vehicle significantly by altering the geometry of your suspension. Anti lift geometry + .5° of Caster correction - with solid rubber TTRS control arm bushings will give you a much more stable and confident driving experience while also improving responsiveness due to the increased bushing material. The stock bushings have a void in the rubber which induces slop and movement, whereas our fully solid bushings will transfer more information to the driver and give a more consistent response, without sacrificing comfort.


"I absolutely love these things! I paired them with Eibach Pro-kit springs, KONI red shocks and struts with upgraded mounts. The car feels amazing! It’s tighter but more comfortable. The extra caster makes the steering input spot-on."

-user "Phur" see post HERE