BFI Complete Replacement Shift Paddles - MK8 GTI / R

SKU: 8234-5H-790

After a lengthy development process, we are proud to introduce to you our Black Forest Industries Complete Replacement shift paddles for the MK8 GTI / Golf R. Designed for enthusiasts with a DSG or Tiptronic Automatic gearbox to give both improved feel and better paddle access across a larger degree of the steering wheel.

These paddles are made from billet aluminum, machined in-house, then bright dipped and anodized for surface finish longevity. The shift indicators are hand painted in your choice of red or white and both paddles are inlaid with black Alcantara for improved tactile feel. Each one of these paddle sets takes more than 3 hours to complete from start to finish.

A "full" replacement paddle that is connected to the OEM paddle hinge in your steering wheel, not a stick on or tacked on addition.



One set of full replacement shift paddles 

Two BFI Tree coins

All required hardware



2022+ MK8 GTI

2022+ MK8 Golf R

2022+ MK7 GLI 

2021+ Arteon R-Line

*Modified Fitments: 

Some vehicles do not come standard with paddle shifters, however in many cases you can swap a paddle shift steering wheel to gain functionality. If you have any questions about whether or not this is an option for you please contact us.