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NOTES:  Photos are just a base starting point. Use your best judgement. 

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Shift Knob Photos

A59 Shirt

English Translation:
In February 1992, sms received an order from Volkswagen AG to develop an internationally competitive rally vehicle. The result of this project is legendary to this day: the "A59" based on the VW Golf, a rally car with all-wheel drive and a 400 hp turbo engine. Although the vehicle was fully developed, it was never used in sport.

- Schmidt Motorsports

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Shcmidt Motorsports History:

Shirt Lifestyle Photos

Doesn't seem necessary for both images of the back.

MK8R Teaser Post

Photos in multiple formats for IG post. Whatever works best. Portrait images are setup to be cropped square as well.



Measurement Guide

NOTES: Measurements should be made to straight edges if possible.
As a starting point, the measurements are only suggested. Make adjustments as needed in the actual space.

Potential Hanging Window Sign
• Mount extra white vinyl BFI long logo to 0.5-1in. thick posterboard/foamcore/etc
• Hang off of the wall a bit for depth and dimension.

Front Door Vinyl
• Baseline measurements
• Tape up, make adjustments if need be using best judgement