020 210mm Clutch - Stage 1 (Small Spline)

SKU: 027198141A

The 210mm organic clutch disc is matched to a Sachs pressure plate that will provide approximately 25% increase in holding capacity, smooth engagement and extended life.

500 mile break-in highly recommended with this set-up. 300 mile break-in REQUIRED with this set-up.


  • Sachs pressure plate
  • Sachs 210mm organic disc
  • All applicable bearings
  • Thrust plate & clip
  • All required hardware

      Only 6 codes of 020 use the large size input shaft - 24mm with 28 splines:

  • MK2 16V codes (AGB, 2Y)
  • MK3 2.0L codes (AMC, CHE, DFQ, DGD)
  • All others 020 transmissions use the smaller input shaft - 22mm with 24 splines.