Audi Aftermarket RS4 Engine Mount

SKU: 8D0199379AD-99

Designed as the factory Audi RS4 motor mounts, these mounts are significantly firmer than standard Audi factory motor mounts in non RS cars. Made from a more dense (higher durometer) rubber these mounts will limit drivetrain movement and allow more power to be transferred to the ground. As well, shifting and overall driving feel will improve.


Aftermarket Manufactured.


> Audi All Road - 2.7T
> Audi B5 A4/S4 - 1.8t/2.8/2.7T
> Audi B6 A4 - 1.8t/2.8/3.0
> Audi B7 A4 - 2.0T
> Volkswagen Passat B5/5.5 - 1.8T/2.8 *Sold individually. Two are required per car.