AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake for Audi C7 A6 / A7 3.0T

SKU: 2660-15022

Presenting the next generation of the AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake for the Audi A6/A7 3.0T. The S-FLO Carbon Intake: Full-floating carbon construction, no silicone. The AWE A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake features full carbon fiber construction allowing smooth transitions of airflow from the grille inlet to the supercharger inlet. By deploying a new grille-mounted airbox inlet, and utilizing the factory accordion turbo couplers, the S-FLO Carbon Intake floats in place under heavy torque situations, preventing strain on the carbon fiber. Add in AWE's new enlarged, integrated honeycomb-meshed port located on the top of the S-FLO’s airbox, and You've got optimal airflow even when pushing higher-than-stock boost levels. In other words, this box has both the looks and performance to earn the AWE S-FLO badge. The S-FLO Filter: The included AWE S-FLO Filter is designed specifically for the A6/A7 S-FLO Carbon Intake to ensure easy service and to maximize airflow by sitting in the direct path of ram air from the grille. This increased airflow unlocked maximum gains of 13 hp and 12 lb-ft of torque at the crank. The combination of S-FLO carbon fiber airbox and included S-FLO Filter makes for a more aggressive intake note, with a distinctive supercharger whine when under boost.


  • No Check Engine Light Guarantee
  • AWE S-FLO Carbon Intake for Audi C7 A6 / A7 3.0T
  • Perfect integration with OEM inlet ducting
  • Perfect fitment - guaranteed
  • Durable and washable high-flow AWE S-FLO Filter included
  • Retains stock mounting locations
  • Smooth transitions from full carbon fiber airbox inlet and turbo inlet
  • Completely redesigned to support higher power applications
  • Max gains of 13 hp and 12 lb-ft of torque at the crank
  • UV-stabilized resin and clear coat