BFI Atlas Lift Kit - 1.5" Overall Lift

SKU: SBFI3CN412001

The factory ride height just did not cut it for us off the dealer lot. With the platform being so new, we set out to develop a simple yet effective solution to gaining more ground clearance and giving the Atlas a much more imposing stature. In addition, we were looking to gain much needed clearance to fit our desired wheel and tire package to complete our upgrades.  We were able to quickly go from design concept phase to functioning prototype in an afternoon using our in-house HAAS CNC mill.  Fortunately for us we nailed it on the first try and our version 1 prototype fit like a charm. We were able to gain an additional 1.5" in ride height and make some extra space in the wheel arches for those all-terrain tires to live.  All in all this is a great way to add some utility to your Atlas and separate it from the rest of the soccer SUVs.