BFI Low-Profile Rear Dust Cap for FWD Transverse VW/Audi

SKU: WBFI77-K7-249

Ever tried running 10 or 12mm spacers on the rear of your MK5-8? We have, and through numerous trials have found that torqueing the wheel bolts tends to break the spacer's hub ring. This is a result of a deeper rear hub depth on VW's due to the OEM dust caps protruding out further than the hub itself. With our complete replacement BFI Dust Cap, we bring you the solution...

Sure, you could remove the factory rear dust caps and be able to run 10 or 12mm spacers, but this is not ideal due to the increased brake dust. The BFI Dust Cap alleviates this issue with its recessed design allowing for proper engagement of the spacer to the rotor face.

Additionally, we have included a threaded center portion for easy removal.

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