BMS F30 N55 Performance Intake


Finally, an intake system worthy of your N55 TwinPower motor! The BMS F30 N55 Performance Intake retains everything that is good about the OEM N55 intake system including the cold air ducting and light weight heat shielding airbox bottom; but, completely replaces the restrictive top end of the OEM intake with new high flow ducting and a performance filter to match.

During BMS' extensive dyno testing the BMS N55 Intake out performed all other available N55 intake systems posting gains of up to 10+ horsepower to the wheels. In addition to freeing up some power turbo spool speed is improved. Not to mention an incredible sound improvement. You'll finally be able to hear your turbo spooling!

Installation is very easy taking the average enthusiast only five minutes to install or remove right in their driveway.

BMS F30 N55 Performance Intake
  • Adds up to 10+ Horsepower
  • Dramatic sound improvement
  • Super fast install and removal
  • Improves throttle response
  • Retains OEM airbox base as a heat shield
  • Retains OEM cold air ducting
  • Looks great under the hood
  • Cleanable and reusable filter
  • Made in the USA

  • 2012+ F20/F21 M135i/iX
  • 2014+ F22 M235i
  • 2016+ F87 M2
  • 2012+ F30 335i/iX Sedan
  • 2012+ F31 335i/iX Touring
  • 2013+ F34 335i/iX Gran Turismo
  • 2014+ F32 435i/iX
  • 2014+ F33 435i/iX Conv.
  • 2014+ F36 435i/iX Gran Coupe