M8x32 Assembly Bolt & Nut for 2-Piece BBS Style 5 / Style 19 & AMG Aero II Wheels

M8x32 Assembly Bolt & Nut for 2-Piece BBS Style 5 / Style 19 & AMG Aero II Wheels

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M8x32 replacement assembly bolt and nut for 2-piece BBS Style 5 / Style 19 & AMG Aero II. Please inquire about other possible fitments, or check the specs of your bolts against the measurements shown below. BOLT SPECS:
  • M8x1.25 shank diameter/thread pitch
  • 32mm shaft length
  • 20mm thread length
  • 8mm, 12-point bolt head
  • 9mm head height
  • 14mm flange diameter
  • Class 10.9 quality
  • Chrome plated steel bolt
  • Torque spec: 36N*m or 318in/lbs using Loctite 243 Threadlocker

  • M8x1.25 threads
  • 13mm hex head
  • 8mm head height
  • 17mm flange diameter
  • Dacromet coated

  • Sold Individually - includes bolt & nut.
  • These bolts look different than OE Style 5/19 bolts. OE bolts are splined and have a smooth head. These bolts have a 12-point head and are not splined. Functionally is the same, but aesthetics will be different.
  • Due to the high volume of wheel bolt sales, our local inventory will sometimes over-sell. When this happens, some customers may experience an additional order processing delay while more bolts are ordered from our supplier. If time is of essence, please call ahead to check local inventory before placing your order. Thank you.


Please educate yourself on the proper wheel assembly techniques prior to assembling your wheels! We will not be held liable for broken or damaged bolts due to improper assembly!
These wheel bolts require special care during installation and cleaning. Proper procedure is necessary so as not to damage the wheel bolt. We recommend holding the head of the bolt while tightening and torquing the nut (in case of RS applications). In all applications it is suggested that you use cling wrap between the tool/socket and head of the bolt so as not to cause damage to the finish.
During cleaning it is important to use only soapy water and refrain from harsh abrasives. Some over the counter wheel cleaners contain chemicals which could cause harm to the bolt finish!

All sales are final on M8x32 assembly bolts! RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!