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Maxton Design MK6 Golf / GTI Golf R Look Side Skirts

Maxton Design MK6 Golf / GTI Golf R Look Side Skirts

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This pair of left and right side skirts are made from ABS plastic and will give your MK6 GTI or Golf the look of the Golf R. This is a much deeper and more aggressive look bringing your car visually closer to earth. Both left and right skirts included raw ready to be primed and painted. 

fits only : VW Golf Mk5 standard version 2003-2008 & VW Golf Mk6 standard version (3 door) (2008-2012)



 Product is made from ABS plastic.

ABS material was created specifically for use in the automotive industry.
ABS is used in production of factory bumpers and other car body parts.
ABS products are characterized with increased strength and flexibility.

 This product has been TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certified (TUV certify for material).