MK6 OEM Tinted LED Taillights (with Rear Fog)

SKU: 5K0998208A-01

Genuine Volkswagen MK6 GTI tinted LED taillights. Sold in pairs Includes:
> Driver Side Outer Tail Lamp (5K0-945-095-Q)
> Driver Side Inner Tail Lamp (5K0-945-093-AJ)
> Passenger Side Outer Tail Lamp (5K0-945-096-Q)
> Passenger Side Inner Tail Lamp (5K0-945-094-AJ)
> 4 Adapter Harnesses *Coding of the CECM (Central Electrics Control Module) is required in order for these lights to function properly. VAGCOM/VCDS can be used to perform these code changes.

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