MK7 Golf / GTI Eurospec OEM Xenon Headlights

SKU: 5G1998753B

These imported European Golf R Xenon Black MK7 Headlight housings with LED DRLs are an awesome way to make you VW unique. Please note that these are just the housings listed. This does not include the other bulbs and modules on a xenon headlight. If you already have xenon headlights you can swap these parts over from your original lights. If you have halogen lights you will need the parts below, as well as additional adapters and coding to install these lights. Associated parts NOT INCLUDED, but required for use:
> Bulb Igniter , part # 8K0-941-597-E
> Leveling Module (AFS), part # 3D0-941-329-A
> Power Module for Day Driving Lights, part # 4G0-907-697-F
> Xenon Headlight Bulb, part # N-107-218-05 *Please note all above parts are the same on the US version of the GTI Xenon lights and can be directly swapped. This on vehicles that are equipped with Xenon LED lights from the factory. If you have Halogens you will need all the parts listed above plus adapter harness' to make them work in your vehicle.

*This is a special order item with a lead time of around 30-60 days as it comes in from Europe.*