NewSouth MK4 Dual Column Pod


Easily keep an eye on your engine with a gauge mounted in a ColumnPod. The ColumnPod allows you to simply and quickly add a 2", 2 1/16", or 52mm gauge to the steering column of your 1999.5+ Volkswagen or Audi. Molded from ABS and matched in color and gloss, the ColumnPod looks like an OEM installation. It holds the gauge at an angle that minimizes distractions and helps keep your eyes on the road. Our exclusive design allows the full range of height and telescopic adjustment of the steering column and hides all wires and tubes from view. If your car has A-pillar airbags, ColumnPod gives you an alternative to a pillar-mounted pod. The ColumnPod can be ordered by itself or as part of a TurboPod or DieselPod bundle that includes a ColumnPod, VDO turbo boost gauge, tubing, connectors and wiring.