Seat Cupra R Lip Spoiler

SKU: 161104008


OEM SEAT CUPRA LIP SPOILER - Quite possibly the most versatile lip spoiler in the world. This ubiquitous little guy can be affixed to just about any bumper. A genuine OEM part straight from a VAG brand. It's amazing just how much of a difference this small amount plastic makes on your front end. Recommended install with self tapping screws, or nut and bolt hardware. No hardware is included however. Not a direct fit for any US vehicle - but with creativity can fit many applications


 AFTERMARKET VERSION AVAILABLE - Multi-piece construction means its easy to put together, easier to ship (lower shipping cost) and a breeze to install. Designed with multi-fitment in mind, there are fewer cuts to make and less material to remove than the OEM Seat version, as well as having a better mating surface than original, that's meant to "clip" into the Seat Cupra bumper.

Select the version that best fits your needs - please keep in mind that delays may occur on both versions depending on stock levels.