2nd Annual Oktoberfest Event Wrap Up

Event Coverage

Another Oktoberfest has come and gone and we could not be more excited about how things went. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended- spectators, vendors, food trucks - everyone. While this event continues to grow, it still maintains the intimate and relaxed feel that we enjoy so much. This event to us is not about trophies, or selling parts- it's about getting the opportunity to just spend the day and enjoy the typically amazing October weather with our friends. We are generally the ones traveling the long distances to make the show, and this is a refreshing change of pace to have others come to see us. This year the long distance award goes out Eric Johnson who made the trek all the way from Wisconsin in his caddy. The attendees were not the only ones to make long treks as our vendors came from a good distance away as well. We were glad to have an increased vendor presence as Speed Happens, Team Eurotrash, Eurowise, and Orchid Euro were on hand showing off their goods. If you happened to miss out on coming this year take a minute to check out just a brief wrap up of the day. Hopefully next year we'll see even more people out here (just not sure where we're gonna put everyone) as we are already looking forward to doing it all over again. Thanks go out to Tyler Anastasi and Mark Choi for their photo coverage.

Black Forest Industries 2nd Annual Oktoberfest 2012 from Black Forest on Vimeo.


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