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BFI MK8 / MQB EVO Auto / DSG Shifter

The wait is over! The MK8 DSG shifter is HERE! You no longer have to suffer with the factory shift lever/switch, or as many commonly refer to it, the "Chicken Nugget".  Longing for the chance to grab a shift knob and shift your car into drive with meaning, only to be dissapointed when your only option is to flick a lever? This is your opportunity to make your MK8 more like a real sports car. No more control switches that feel like they belong in a breaker box, give your MK8 the knob it deserves!

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Made from billet aluminum, machined in house and wrapped by hand, each of these MK8 DSG shift lever replacements include a R N D/S window that maintains the factory PCB and LED illumination that switches from white to yellow.

Each Lever top is printed from Nylon like material in an SLA process. Given the weight limitations of the factory shift mechanism, this is our first "lightweight shift knob. Even with the billet content this full assembly weights just 157 grams.

Based on our universal shift knob  line,  each DSG shift lever replacement will be capable of being swapped with a Universal GSB and any future universal fitment BFI Shift knobs.  So you wont have to commit to one look for your interior, you can change the look based on how you feel.



Each knob is hand wrapped in your choice of a multitude of color and material choices, from Maritime blue leather to caramel Alcantara, every one of our color options is available now!

Of course, we are partial to some colors, but we have a wide spectrum of colors, with more coming soon!



Designed with ergonomics in mind, this shift lever upgrade feels great in your hand - not cheap feeling like the factory shift switch. We feel it fits right in with the MK8 interior, and looks right at home. We hope you feel the same way!

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As with all our shift knob offerings - we give you the option to customize your crest coin, which we have in 14 different variants, to give your car a personalized feel. Its your opportunity to come up with a unique combination, that noone else has!

GS2 For MK8 GTI / Golf R + 2024+ VW ATLAS

Alcantara  - Starting at $239.99


Nappa Leather - Starting at $234.99


BFI MK8 / MQB EVO Auto / DSG Shifter

  • 2022+ GTI (MK8 / 5H) 
  • 2022+ Golf R (MK8 / 5H)
  • 2024+ Atlas