GS2 Air Leather (VW Mk8/ MQB Evo Auto/DSG)

SKU: GS2DG-5H-01


Get rid of your "chicken nugget" shifter and replace it with an actual knob! Since the introduction of the MK8 Golf platform, Volkswagen's choice of control surfaces has been a sore spot for many owners - in particular the shift mechanism. We sought to give those owners another option, one that replaces the shift "switch" with an actual knob.

This  shift knob is a bit of a departure from our normal offerings; unlike our previous manual and automatic shift knobs, we've made these knobs lighter than their manual counterparts. Though we have had to make changes to the weight, each knob still feels like butter in palm of your hand, thanks to the Air Leather that it's wrapped in.

Weighing in at just 157 grams these knobs make up for their weight with form and function. Our GS2 MQB Evo Auto/DSG Knob retains the gear selection window - so you can see on the shift knob which gear you have selected (like the factory switch).

While we've borrowed inspiration from shift knobs past, we think we've really perfected the proportions this time around- with the 3/4 Leather to metal ratio. We take pride in our machining, and the detailed crest coin gives that classy yet sporting look which elevates any interior's level. Designed specifically to fit the VW 5H shift lever assembly, the shifter slots right in place of your factory shift tab. You might think that this is a lot of hype for such a little part, but try telling that to us once you've had the chance to hold one of these in your hand.


  • One "MK8 DSG" GS2 shift knob with integrated adapter for VW MK8 shift lever
  • One BFI crest logo coin
  • Two socket head bolts 
  • Allen key for set screws