BFI's New Year's Sale 2017

newyears2017_1blogheader_vf The New Year is upon us and we want to help you with your resolution to get your project finished in 2017.  To make things easier for you we've dropped prices on select parts by up to 17% on our webstore. In addition to that we've added discounts on some of our other more popular parts lines. So put that holiday money to good use and and pick up some of the parts you didn't get at an even better price.  This will be the last chance to save for quite some time, so don't miss out! newyears2017_2padding_vf newyears2017_3knobs_vf newyears2017_4mounts_vf newyears2017_5coilovers_vf newyears2017_6chips_vf newyears2017_7lights_vf newyears2017_8shirts_vf newyears2017_9burger_vf newyears2017_10footer_vf

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