Project Schwarz MK7 Update



With every little step, our MK7 Golf project gets that much better. Since we last shared, we've updated quite a few things, both cosmetically and performance-wise to further set our TSI apart from how it arrived from the factory. As we suspected, this platform is proving to be quite the value, as it edges ever closer to the territory of its older brothers. While there's not much left to do on the outside, we are definitely planning to give this hatch a bit more performance including a few parts developed by us specifically for this platform but more to come on that in the future. For now, take a look at what we've recently added. Inside, we've changed up our shift knob as well as added out own Alcantara shift boot. It's amazing just how big of a difference that something as seemingly simple as this can make in how the interior feels. With just the boot and knob installed, the fit and finish of the interior is elevated, and the car no longer feels as "cheap".


Our Golf was not equipped with auto MK7 GTI headlights, another upmarket feature that we decided to add. With our easy plug and play light sensor and auto headlight switch, this retrofit was quick and painless, and best of all inexpensive. We can now set it and forget it, letting the sensor determine when and when not to turn the lights on, as well as shut the car off without having to remember to turn the lights off.


With some of the touchpoints addressed and feeling more high end, it was time to improve the audio a bit by installing a set of Soumatrix Xtase speakers. These speakers are of much higher build quality than the factory units, and also include an integrated tweeter. The installation is a direct plug and play, and the overall sound difference is night and day.


We then turned our attention to the engine, and added a few more simple upgrades in the way of the APR Turbo Muffler Delete  and the Go Fast Bits DV+ While the difference that these parts make is not huge, boost delivery is noticeably smoothed and overall these are a great supporting modification for any increased boost in the way of software or JB1 tuning.

After a bit of waiting anxiously, APR finally released software for our particular box code on our Golf. This software has been the biggest transformation to date. No other modification has been anywhere close, and in our opinion this is a must do for any VW Audi or BMW that has a turbocharger. APR software safely increases boost levels while also fine tuning the fuel and ignition timing (among other things) to produce smooth, consistent, and reliable power. Our Golf now makes right at 300 ft lbs of torque, and struggles to make traction. The only downside is that our clutch is now showing signs of fatigue, but fortunately that gives us something to develop and begin to offer in the not too distant future to solve that issue.


We then turned our attention to the exterior of the car. Another option that our Golf did not come with was the always popular lighting package. We were eager to install our next best substitute, in the way of these projector headlights with LED daytime running lights. We also opted to install the optional HID kit to give as close to OEM light output and overall look as possible. We are extremely happy with the quality and performance of these headlights and the overall visual appeal of the car was dramatically improved.


And for what might be the final touch on the outside, we set about building a one off set of 3 piece BBS LM wheels, using our proprietary wheel parts to upconvert from 18x8 / 9" to 19 x 8.5 / 9.75"  We are more than pleased with how these wheels turned out, and the added dimension really suits the proportions of the Golf well. The process is pretty straight forward and we are able to offer this kit to anyone looking to change the dimension of their own set of LMs. Take a look at a few shots of the process and the wheel in its assembled state before being mounted on the car

And here's how everything looks all mounted up in its current state :)

MK7_LM_FrontTire_VF MK7_LM_Front_VF MK7_LM_Profile_VF   MK7_LM_RearTire_VF MK7_LM_Rear_VF MK7_LM_Rear2_VF MK7_LM_WheelProfile_VF

Next up, is more power. Keep an eye out for updates here as we start going bigger...

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