L'oe Show 2022

The second edition of the L'oe Show was a whirlwind of activity. By now we have come to expect that, as there is just so much to see and do, its hard to squeeze it into a few days. Jamie Orr really outdid himself this year; going bigger -taking over the entire downtown High St. of Pottstown PA. Above that he went even better – bringing over special edition cars like the never-before-seen MK8 TCR and the legendary A59, launching a new model with Volkswagen, having get togethers and drives like at Red Horse motoring club and the brunch drive to the Reading Pagoda. Were getting winded just typing this. All while promoting companies with special show only releases like our limited-edition carbon fiber shift knobs, or Leen Custom’s multiple pin drops. Needless to say, as a spectator there were many opportunities to overload your senses throughout the weekend. Its worth noting that VW of North America has never unveiled a new model at an enthusiast show. The fact that they were willing to launch the Golf R 20 Years edition at the show gave it quite a Worthersee feel, something we weren’t expecting.

Equally unexpected was the chance to be able to see the never to be released Mk8 TCR race car, still in its camouflage (as it will sit forever). This next generation racer was killed off along with the decision to end the VW Motorsport division in June of 2021. We are bummed that we will never see this car racing in anger, but it was cool to see it up close. 

TCR on display in front of the Leen Customs pop-up store

TCR on display at Red Horse Motoring Club prior to the show

Not to be out done as a rare Item, The VW A59 Rallye made its first trip to north America. For many showgoers this was the crown jewel of the L’oe show experience. A full race car project in street legal clothing, a joint venture between VW and Schmidt Motorsport as an attempt to launch VW into the World Rally Championship. This rarest of the rare VWs never saw production, with its uniqute 1984cc race bred engine, carbon Kevlar bodywork, and more special and unique touches, it is an honor just to be able to see this creation with your own eyes. 

A59 on display at Red Horse Motoring Club prior to the show

Luckily we didn't have to go far to get a good view of the A59 since during the show it happened to be parked right in front of our pop-up shop. 

A59 in front of the BFI pop-up shop

We spent most of our time in Pottstown preparing and running our own pop-up store. With nearly a week of work we transformed a run-down and disused former furniture rental location into our pop-up flagship location. It was a labor of love, but after many hours and long days we were happy with the result.

In addition to the creation of the pop-up store, we brought our own creation with us to the show. Our MK8 Golf R project car was unveiled right in front of the store. Well have more on this one later, but this mild build adorned with our prototype logo design was certainly effective at turning heads.

With our new store came new releases – our first carbon fiber knob – a limited run was unveiled on the Sunday of L’oe show, garnering long lines, with people waiting from 6:30am in the morning for the 10am drop. We also brought our homage to the A59 – a Tshirt with the both the A59 and the Schmidt logos paying tribute to the legend and celebrate the publics first chance to see the car in person.

At some point words don’t do justice to everything that happened, so enjoy these photos we took (thanks to Travis Rock) to see our perspective on the show. We hope we get the chance to support L’oe show again next year!