We recently had the opportunity to install one of the first CTS Turbo Kits to hit the market on a customer's MK5 R32. This kit has been sold only in limited numbers so far and we were pleased to get the chance to gain some firsthand experience during this installation. CTS has had their own proprietary manifold cast for this application and the quality is right on. And of course to ensure the MK5 can put the power to the ground we installed our own Stage 1 BFI Engine Mounts Other additional components include: Precision Turbo and Engine Billet ceramic BB HP6262S-B Turbocharger Precision Turbo and Engine 46mm vband external wastegate CTS Turbo proprietary exhaust manifold for R32 24V with T4 turbocharger flange 6 x Bosch 550cc fuel injectors for R32 6 x CTS fuel injector harness adapter plugs CTS high density FMIC kit rated for 700HP (24x12x3") CTS proprietary stainless steel intercooler piping CTS 4 ply silicon connectors CTS stainless steel T-bolt clamps CTS stainless steel 3" downpipe CTS stainless steel 4" air intake system CTS Race Air Filter CTS 4" MAF housing CTS ECU software upgrade optimized for moderately increased boost pressure CTS DSG software upgrade optimized for moderately increased torque load CTS stainless steel oil feed and drain line kits CTS hardware, gaskets, nuts, studs and fittings

June 17, 2011