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What the Shirt?

This time of year we would normally be gearing up for the show season, but since fate has had other plans, we decided to at least make a new shirts that connected to one of our favorite events. The Eni gas station has long been a gathering point of Wörthersee Treffen for a variety of the most impressive cars in attendance. Now you can participate in your own way with one of these new T-shirts produced in limited quanitites and only available while supplies last.  Those with a good eye might notice some of the more subtle changes we made to the original logo. 

"Bfi" logo on front breast, "Good Luck" on back. Printed on soft gold American Apparel 50/50 tees. 

Front Eni logo .

Good / Luck logo on back.

M-Rain T

Building on our BFI Party Tree design, we looked back at our favorite interior patterns and could not deny the awesomeness that is the M-Rain fabric from BMW's 90s swatch book. This is hand down one of the most iconic prints our there, and is instantly recognizable.  Not many are aware, but here at BFI we begin the company by importing hard to get parts for E30s from Germany back in the early 00s. Our roots run deep in the German aftermarket! 

BFI European Logo on front.

M Rain print on back. 

BFI Party Tree T

Our long standing love for the obscure patterns and colors that VW has chosen to offer over the years has led us to fixating on the undeniably 90s buckets found inside MK3s known to many as the "Party Seats". This seat pattern gave way to what we now affectionately refer to as, the "Party Trees". This T-shirt is a perfect encapsulation of our spirit here at the shop and it's the perfect way for you to support us. Beyond that, it just looks really cool!

Printed on Next Level ultra soft shirts, multi color party tree print on back, grey single color BFI logo on the front breast location. 

All because we like to party.

Front Black Forest Industries full logo.

Party Tree full color print on back .

The European Logo

This is our bare bones, corporate identity. That's if we were corporate at all. We're still just a small business of 15 people doing what we love day in a day out, but we try to maintain as professional an appearance as possible. You can too when you're wearing this T, and best of all your purchase goes to supporting us.  We appreciate all of our customers throughout the years, and we're well aware that we wouldn't be here without you!

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