Get Werked Up to Go Lo

Solo Werks has established themselves as the go-to suspension option for those who are looking to lower their vehicle, but are not necessarily looking for all out track, or race performance. That said these kits will noticeably improve handling and give your car a much firmer and predictable ride. With platform specific spring rates and matched valving, these coilover kits are tailor made for your individual application, and not some off the shelf parts bin kit that you might find on the auction sites. 


• Heavy gold galvanized housings for superb corrosion resistance

• New progressive elastomer bumpstops

• Black spring perches - double lock ring design

• Platform specific spring rates and matched valving

• Front 35-65mm (1.4-2.5") Lowering Range (MK7 application)

• Rear 35-70mm (1.4-2.75") Lowering Range (MK7 application)

• Includes shortened sway bar end links where applicable

• 3 year limited warranty

Volkswagen Kits

With most modern VWs available with independent rear suspension, they have the capability and framework to perform very well when given the right parts. The Solo Werks coilover kits really help to elevate and bring out the best in the VW platform, while still being comfortable enough to go to the store, with money left in your pocket to purchase whatever you need. 


MK5 / 6 (2WD)


MK2 / MK3 / Corrado 


MK5 / 6  4-motion

Audi Kits

The legendary quattro all wheel drive system is already known worldwide as being phenomenal when it comes to traction and grip, however the Audi brand has moved upmarket, and with that has come more luxury oriented suspensions from the factory. The Solo Werks coilover gets help to get back the roots of what Audi once was, but putting the "sport" back in Sport Quattro.  These are a great balance of comfort and performance, and truly more in line with how we feel your Audi should have been delivered from day one. 


B6 / B7 


BMW Kits

While BMW does a great job of dialing in their suspensions from the factory, but there is undeniably no way to make any adjustments to the ride-height of the vehicle. With the Solo-Werks coilover kits you're able to dial in your perfect settings, while at the same time getting a more responsive feel.  With their high quality construction, they will last even longer than the factory components, giving you thousands of miles of worry free enjoyment. 


F-22 2 series


E46 (M3)



May 29, 2020