Cleanliness is next to godliness, and lately we have been sinning. We are definitely not complaining because we have been very busy around here and while that is a good thing- our shop has been looking a little worse for wear. Fortunately we have a few extra hands (and faces: see below) around the shop to help pitch in and restore the shop bays to their former glory. It's amazing just how much dirt and grease can accumulate in the two short years that we have been in this location. After renting an industrial floor sander, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning one last time with muratic acid the floors were deemed prepped and ready for paint. This time around we chose to go with a Sherwin Williams brand paint with a lighter shade and a higher gloss. The higher gloss is supposedly more durable and it also reflects significantly more light. The shop is much brighter now and much less dingy.

Recently we have brought on several new employees here at BFI. We are grateful for their contributions thus far and we look forward to continuing success. Take a minute to meet our most current additions.   Black Forest Industries  

Jasen Richards shipping / production

Jasen was brought on to help us keep up with our continually expanding online sales growth. Jasen is a hard worker and a genuinely good person. Of late he has been having some bad luck with his current daily driver E30 318is, but fortunately it has given us the opportunity to relearn some of the more common quirks associated with older bimmers.

Cars: '91 318is

Ian Collins Technician

As a former customer of Black Forest, Ian is very familiar with our parts. Having purchased and installed several on his own MK4 Jetta, Ian impressed us with not only his VW knowledge but also the fact that he is a factory trained BMW technician. With Ian and our newly purchased Autologic diagnostic equipment we are confidently able to service all of your BMW and Audi / VW needs.

Cars: '02 Jetta 1.8T

Lyn Anderson service advisor / customer service

Lyn is a graduate of NC State University. He has 21 years in automotive service including 16 years as a service advisor. He is also a Spin Instructor, avid cyclist, golfer & book collector.


Peter  customer service / sales

Pete became a part of BFI as our first point of contact for all sales related questions and customer service concerns. Pete fit in perfectly here as he has had his hands on just about every make and model of VW at one time or another. His experience gives him the ability to accurately answer questions about a wide range of subjects. His specialty lately is his own 2.5 Turbo project that you may have seen on our projects page

Cars: '08 Rabbit Turbo
April 09, 2012