APR Carbon Fiber Intercooler Ducts - Porsche 911 (992) 3.0T

SKU: IC100030

APR Carbon Fiber Intercooler Ducts for the Porsche 992 3.0T dramatically lower intake air temperature (IAT) by increasing air flow through the ambient air path of the intercooler cores. In doing so the engine makes more power and sustains power levels for longer as IAT is kept away from the knock threshold of the engine and IAT based power reduction safety routines of the factory ECU. Multiple back-to-back wide-open-throttle acceleration tests proved our intercooler ducts reduced IAT as much as 9.6°C (17.3°F) or 15% better than stock!
The APR Intercooler ducts are made from carbon fiber allowing the cooling ducts to be formed to the exact shape necessary to fit into the tight engine bay within the 992's rear end. The vents allow for maximum flow through the system, while continuing to connect the system to the rest of the factory ducting. Everything simply slides into place with no extra hardware required. A gorgeous matte finish with a gloss APR logo adorns the system, giving it a motorsport inspired feel, which is unfortunately tucked out of view with the rear bumper installed.
The 911 must be tested on the street, rather than a dyno, to capture real world cooling data. This is especially true because of the rear engine design. In real world driving, air is forced through the cooling ducts differently than it is on a stationary dyno, even with excellent cooling fans.
During development APR Engineers fully instrumented the engine to find the limitations of the factory hardware. It was quickly determined the factory intercoolers struggled with airflow through the ambient cooling paths. By redesigning the cooling ducts, more high pressure ambient air could be forced through the system to maximize effectiveness of the coolers.
To illustrate their importance, wide open throttle acceleration tests were conducted for roughly 11 seconds, both with stock cooling ducts and APR cooling ducts. IAT was measured post intercooler with high quality thermocouples. Ten back-to-back tests were conducted with each setup, and the results were averaged together. With the stock ducts in place, IAT rose to 66.2°C (151.2°F). This is above the factory knock threshold of 60°C (140°F) and is approaching the ECU power reduction limiter at 70°C (158°F). Once this IAT threshold is crossed, the ECU will begin aggressively reducing engine power to protect the engine. By simply swapping to the APR intercooler ducts, IAT dropped 15%, or 9.6°C (17.3°F), leveling off at 56.6°C (133.9°F). This is below the knock threshold and safely away from the power reduction threshold!
APR Intercooler ducts are a simple and cost effective upgraded to the 992 3.0T and should be considered by any customer, at any stage of performance, looking to maximize the performance of their 911!
Data graphs listed below:


  • Improved intake air temperature (IAT) by 15% over stock!
  • Organic matte carbon fiber design with gloss APR logo
  • Light-weight material and design
  • No extra hardware required
  • Plug and play upgrade
  • Retains factory intercooler post-housing ducting
  • Excellent performance per dollar upgrade for the Porsche 911
  • Emissions compliant