SKU: MS100255

The 2.9T and 3.0T EA839 engine shares a beautiful engine cover platform, but only some of the RS models are upgraded with carbon fiber accents mixed with plastic. All other vehicles are left with a rather underwhelming cover. To fix this, APR has done away with the plastic an brought a full carbon fiber engine cover to enhance your engine bay!
APR's carbon fiber engine cover is drop dead gorgeous. It's a mixture of premium matte carbon fiber, mixed with gloss carbon fiber to give a two tone look that's down right exotic. The overall profile matches the spirt of the factory RS cover to give it an OEM+ look that doesn't appear gaudy or out of place. Right highlights down the sides give it an extra pop that's sure to turn heads, and the world renowned APR logo plat lets everyone know it's a premium upgrade. The cover looks great with the factory intake, but really shines with the APR Carbon Fiber Intake System. Simply plug and play this upgrade with no tools necessary.
Of course, it doesn't affect emissions, and some on the internet have even suggested it may add horsepower, at least more than stickers do, but we have not verified this claim. Get yours today and GOAPR!


  • Significantly enhances the appearance of the engine bay
  • Gorgeous gloss and matte carbon fiber twill with red accents
  • Features the world renowned APR logo that’s sure to turn heads and delight
  • Reduces weight by 32% over stock (RS5 Carbon Fiber version)
  • Enhances vehicle performance with weight reduction
  • Reduces weight over the front axles
  • Optimizes weight distribution
  • Plug and play upgrade with no tools necessary
  • Replaces the factory engine cover
  • Matches the APR Carbon Fiber Intake System
  • Likely adds more horsepower than stickers (unverified)
  • Emissions compliant