AWE Carbon Fiber Shrouds for Audi 2.7T - Shrouds Only, Set of Two

SKU: awe4510-11042

The AWE carbon fiber shrouds are now available independently, should you already have the AWE Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Set and like to upgrade your shrouds to carbon fiber. The construction of the AWE Audi 2.7T Performance Intercooler Kit is of the highest quality - Efficient cast end tanks are used to ensure maximum flow, and each intercooler assembly is pressure checked before it leaves our manufacturing facility. And in 2012, AWE introduced carbon fiber shrouds to the mix, producing a lighter, and more aesthetically appealing kit as well.


  • AWE designed carbon fiber shrouds
  • Extremely efficient air to air design
  • Maximum side mount dimensions