AWE ColdFront Coolant Pump for Audi B8.5 3.0T

SKU: awe4710-11026

The AWE ® ColdFront™ Coolant Pump is the final member of the ColdFront™ family. Manufactured by the cooling-system wizards at Meziere Enterprises, who have nearly three decades worth of experience in engineering and manufacturing performance cooling system components, the ColdFront™ Coolant Pump replaces the stock heat exchanger pump -- and out-performs it to the tune of an impressive 100% gain in flow-rate over the factory pump. During excessive dynamometer torture testing on our in house 3.0T, we recorded an additional 8% decrease in intake air temperatures when the pump was combined with the ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger and ColdFront™ Reservoir. Cool.While the ColdFront™ Coolant Pump may be used in conjunction with the stock heat exchanger, it cannot be used without the ColdFront™ Reservoir.Please note, AWE ColdFront™ Systems are for racing use only.


  • Works with ColdFront™ Reservoir, and ColdFront™ Coolant Pump
  • Accessory to the ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger system
  • Allows for 100% increase in coolant flow rate when used in conjunction with rest of ColdFront™ set up
  • Perfect OEM fitment for easy installation
  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed