AWE Front Mounted Performance Intercooler for Audi B8 and B8.5 2.0T

SKU: awe4510-11022

During development of the Audi 2.0T Exhaust systems with performance software, AWE recorded high intake air temperatures. The stock front mount intercooler wasn't able to effectively cool the intake charge at that performance level, which allowed temperatures to rise and hurt performance, as rpms increase. AWE set out to engineer the AWE 2.0T Front Mounted Performance Intercooler to bring intake temperatures back under control. AWE employed sophisticated modeling to design an intercooler that uses an end tank / core package significantly larger than stock while striving to re-use the robust factory hoses and clamps to keep costs down. This end tank design is a proven winner and is in use on multiple AWE platforms. 14 revisions later, the perfect FMIC was born. "While we knew this engine ran very hot, and could really benefit from improved intercooling, the test results shocked even us. The AWE 2.0T Front Mounted Performance Intercooler was able to reduce Intake Air Temperatures (IATs) by a maximum of 45 degrees Fahrenheit over stock, a difference of nearly 30%! The massive drop in IATs results in an additional 21 crank hp on a chipped car and completely stable power under the hottest outside conditions." Whether you're simply running enhanced software or are planning on a larger turbo upgrade for your car, the AWE intercooler solves heat related issues that come with more turbo boost. Keeping your intake air temperatures low results in more power, better engine output stability when outside temps climb, and the safety margin needed when pushing the limit. Currently not available for vehicles equipped with Audi Drive Select. Please note, the AWE 2.0T Front Mounted Performance Intercooler is for racing use only.


  • Reduce Intake Temps by 30%
  • +21 Crank HP and +20 LB FT Crank TQ
  • No Check Engine Light – Guaranteed
  • Fits securely behind stock crash bar
  • Reuses OE hoses & clamps
  • Perfect Fitment – Guaranteed