AWE Non-Resonated Downpipes for Audi 3.0T

SKU: awe3220-11010

AWE offers Resonated and Non-Resonated Downpipes. The Resonated Downpipes (strongly recommended for S-tronic cars) feature resonators larger than the stock units in order to produce a mellow sound volume. AWE's optional Non-Resonated downpipes, which is what you're lookin' at, are suited for owners seeking a "loud" and aggressive sounding system. Both our Resonated and Non-Resonated Downpipes feature larger than stock tubing diameter. These post-cat downpipes replace the factory resonated downpipes, and pair directly to existing AWE exhausts. They work with the factory exhaust, too, if you're looking to keep it stock in the back. Note: In limited cases, the factory downpipes have been known to emit minor rattling noises when paired with the AWE S4 3.0T exhaust system. The possibility of rattling is eliminated with the addition of an AWE downpipe.


  • Replaces the factory post-cat resonated downpipes with AWE Non-Resonated Downpipes
  • Mates perfectly to AWE Touring or Track Edition Exhausts
  • No Check Engine Light Guarantee
  • Emissions-friendly
  • Works with the factory exhaust
  • T304L stainless steel construction
  • Lifetime Exhaust Warranty
  • Perfect Fitment Guarantee