BBS CI-R 19x9 5x112 ET42 Satin Black Polished Rim Protector Wheel -82mm PFS/Clip Required


BBS has been flow-forming wheels since 1996. Flow forming is a procedure that uses a continuous rotational motion with 3 hydraulic rollers and tremendous pressure at high temperatures to "Form" the inner rim area of the wheel. This process changes the mechanical properties of the cast rim area to increase strength, stiffness and impact over "stiffness to weight ratio" which can deliver very high level of performance at a cost that is much lower than a forged wheel. Each Performance Line wheel is one piece counter pressure cast, with a flow-formed rim area, and of course weight optimized by FEM analysis.

Size:  19x9
Bolt Pattern: 5x112
Centerbore: PFS
Colors: BPO
Style: CIR