BBS LM-R 20x11 5x120 ET40 Diamond Silver Wheel -82mm PFS/Clip Required


Starting from a billet of 6000 series aluminum, or a special magnesium alloy, every BBS forged wheel uses our special multi-stage Die-Forging process which can require up to 18 million pounds of pressure to produce. Every stage of production is optimized to help create the best forged wheel in the industry. BBS forged wheels are not only light, they have been designed to optimize the stiffness to weight ratio while providing the safety and long term durability expected from BBS. Each multi-piece wheel has a die forged aluminum center and rim sections machined using a BBS Patented process to reduce wight – optimized by FEM analysis.

Size:  20x11
Bolt Pattern: 5x120
Centerbore: PFS
Colors: DSPK
Style: LMR