BFI 1.8T 228mm Longitudinal Clutch Kit and Lightweight Flywheel - Stage 5

SKU: BFI18L228ST5-01

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This Stage 5 clutch kit includes a sprung, 4-puck clutch disc with a performance pressure plate will provide the ultimate holding power in big turbo and strip combinations. This assembly will hold approximately 550-lbs/ft of torque. The included Lightweight Flywheel made from investment cast 4140 steel tips the scales at 18.4-lbs versus the stock flywheel weight of 26-lbs.

Kit Includes:

  • Performance pressure plate
  • Sprung, 4-puck clutch disc
  • Lightweight cast steel flywheel
  • All applicable bearings
  • Appropriate alignment tool
  • All hardware required for installation

  • This clutch kits fits Longitudinal 5-speed transmissions only found in B5/B6 Audi A4 and B5 VW Passat
  • Clutch kit pictured in this listing is for illustrative purposes only. Actual clutch kit may differ from what's shown.