BFI 2.0 ABA / 16v Catch Can Adapter / Block Off


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Black Forest Industries has made the process of adding a catch can , or completely blocking off your PCV system on your 2.0 ABA MK3 / MK2 9A with plastic breather much simpler with the introduction of this BFI Catch Can Adapter / PCV Block Off. Installation is as simple as removing the factory green C-clip and installing the new piece. This method is far more simple than using a block off plate which requires more time and effort for installation and gives you only one option.

The BFI Catch Can Adapter / PCV Block Off allows for maximum flexibilty should your plans change in the future. Included are both a barbed fitting intended to be the basis for your catch set-up, as well as a brass cap that completely blocks off your PCV system, both are 3/8 NPT. Neither option is permanent and you have the freedom to experiment with your set-up at will.

Block Off Fitting Shown Installed:

If you take the time to compare all options on the market you will find that the BFI Catch Can Adapter / Block Off is unrivaled. At 1/3 the price of other options that are less flexible, and more hassle to install, this machined piece designed specifically for your 2.0 ABA MK3 / Mk2 9A with plastic breather makes perfect sense.