BFI 3mm Wheel Spacers, 66.6 Centerbore (5x112), Universal Fit


These 3mm spacers are made of CNC aluminum and fit all 5x112 Audi/BMW vehicles with a 66.6 centerbore. These spacers are universal fit - they do not have hub rings and rely on your vehicles hub for wheel centering. These spacers will fit all wheels, but please take note that your wheel hub its of sufficient depth to accommodate these spacers before installing. All wheel spacers are sold in pairs.


Stock (no spacers) - 27mm
3mm Spacers - 30mm
5mm Spacers - 32mm
8mm Spacers - 35mm
10mm Spacers - 40mm
15mm Spacers - 45mm
20mm Spacers - 50mm
25mm Spacers - 50mm

Ultimately you are the one responsible for safely installing lugs and wheels on your vehicle. If you have any questions on safety or compatibility with your vehicle and/or wheels, please contact us prior to making your purchase.

Use this info-graphic to determine how large of a spacer you can fit onto your vehicle:
Wheel Gap Measurement Info-graphic