BFI Audi B8 Stage 1 Engine Mount Kit (W/Trans Insert)



We're proud to offer this total solution for replacing and upgrading your notoriously weak stock engine mounts for your B8 / B8.5 Audi. The BFI Complete Replacement Engine Mounts are engineered from the ground up to be an extremely durable and high performance alternative. Constructed of in-house billet machined aluminum and stainless steel, coupled with cnc molded polyurethane bushings, these mounts can take whatever you can throw at them. Shifting feel will be greatly improved as well as power transfer to the wheels. By limiting drivetrain slop and movement you will essentially harness previously wasted torque which will improve acceleration noticeably.

STAGE 1 with its 70a durometer bushings are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations. This is the best choice for daily-driven vehicles and these are recommended for majority of our customers.




  • Active Engine Mount Cancellation Kit- Available HERE


  • 2 Complete replacement engine mounts (2 required per car)
  • 1 BFI transmission mount insert


  • Audi B8 A4 Quattro V6 3.2L
    Audi B8 A5 Quattro V6 3.2L
    Audi B8 S4 Quattro 3.0T
    Audi B8 S5 Quattro 3.0T Cabriolet
    Audi B8 S5 Quattro 3.0T Coupe
    Audi B8 S5 Quattro V8 4.2L
    Audi B8 SQ5 Quattro 3.0T
    Audi Q5 Quattro 3.0T
    Audi Q5 Quattro


    Audi B8 A4 Quattro


    Audi B8 A5 Quattro


    Audi Q5 Quattro