BFI Clean Catch V2 - Essentials Kit - 2.5L 5-Cylinder


We have developed the best catch can on the market for 2.5l 5-cylinder engines. The 2.5l Clean Catch will be the only catch can you will ever need to buy. Made from the highest quality components, these catch cans are built to last a lifetime, and beyond. Designed to share components from our successful FSI/TSI Clean Catch series with the honing of many different iterations of internal baffle design, these cans both look and function as well or better than any on the market today.

The Essential Kit uses high quality 200 psi rated Push-Lock Rubber Buna-N Hose with pre-installed internal reinforcement to prevent kinking. Because of the unique braid-reinforced design, push-lock hose doesnt require clamps or ferrules to stay in place. In fact the more you pull on the fitting, the hose will grip. Rated for use with oil, it Meets MA Class A for oil resistance unlike others on the market which have a similar appearance. Every 2.5l Essential Kit system comes with OE VW connectors making installation to your valve cover and intake manifold a snap!

*This 2.5l 5-cylinder Clean Catch products fits all 2005.5-2013 2.5l Rabbit/Golf/Jetta models with stock intake manifold. Does not fit vehicles with aftermarket intake manifolds.