BFI Club Sport / SACHS Racing Clutch Kit for DMF - MK7 GTI


The new Clubsport Clutch Kit from Black Forest Industries allows you to upgrade your clutch, while still retaining your factory dual mass flywheel. By keeping the the dual mass flywheel, you sacrifice a bit of performance to retain more OEM-like driving characteristics. The Clubsport Clutch Kit is designed to feel like stock, yet safely hold 407-lbs/ft of torque. This makes this kit ideal for many turbo upgrades including IS38 and GTX series.


  • SACHS Race Engineering Pressure Plate, reinforced for extra durability and increased clamping.
  • SACHS Racing Performance Clutch Disc, non-segmented and un-sprung.
  • OEM Pressure Plate Hardware

  • OEM Release Bearing (plastic), additional $50
  • 2014+ MK7 GTI with gen.3 2.0T TSI engine

  • Although not required, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you replace your flywheel when replacing your clutch kit. OE flywheels are sold separately on our website, HERE.