BFI MK1 Stage 1 Performance Motor Mount Kit


This Performance Motor Mount kit includes 3 complete motor mounts- the Upper Transmission Mount, the Front Motor Mount, and the Passenger Side Motor Mount. This kit is a substantial upgrade over stock in terms of performance. All three matched mounts are cast from highly durable 65 A durometer polyurethane. The Passenger and Upper Transmission mount are made using two-piece construction for ease of installation and utilize a machined sleeve to prevent binding. This is the only kit like this on the market and it is designed with complete performance in mind. FITS:
  • All A1 chassis vehicles 1979 model year and up

  • Early 1975-1978 vehicles came equipped with a smaller passenger side mount which is not compatible with the mount included with this kit. An upgraded 1979+ mount bracket would be required to use the larger replacement insert in this kit.