BFI MK4 - Dogbone Inserts - Stage 1

SKU: EBFI78-Q4-001

These dogbone inserts help greatly with improved shifting feel and to combat the notorious wheel hop. STAGE 1 with its 70a durometer bushings are geared towards the spirited enthusiast who wants better control over motor movement without the sacrifice of excessive vibrations. This are the best choice for daily-driven vehicles and are recommended for majority of our customers. KIT INCLUDES:
  • One set of dogbone inserts

  • 1999.5-2005 VW Golf & Jetta models
  • 1998-2005 VW New Beetle
  • 1998-2005 Audi TT

  • New dogbone hardware is not included, but can be purchased from our website HERE.

  • 10x70mm bolt = 30-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn
  • 10x30mm bolt = 30-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn
  • 8x45mm bolts = 15-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn