BFI MK5 / MK6 - OE Transmission Mount Insert - Stage 1


Upgrade your transmission mount and put more power to the ground while experiencing smoother shifting. Our Stage 1 70a polyurethane inserts are a direct replacement for those soft, 45a OEM pieces and really make a noticeable difference in overall driveability!


  • 2005.5-2014 VW Golf/GTI, Jetta/GLI & R models
  • 2009-2014 VW Jetta Sportwagen
  • 2012-2015 VW Beetle
  • 2006-2015 VW Eos
  • 2008-2015 VW CC
  • 2005-2015 VW Passat
  • 2006-2012 Audi A3
  • 1998-2014 Audi TT & TTS

  • We recommend Stage 1 transmission inserts for all types and vehicles and for customers who enjoy a blend of both comfort and performance.
  • You may experience some in-cabin vibrations after installing our insert. These vibrations are most noticeable in reverse and while the a/c is engaged at idle. These are normal and will subdue after approximately 1,000 miles of driving. TDI models will experiencing increased NVH compared to gasoline vehicles due to the design of the diesel engine.
  • New trans housing bolts are not included, but can be purchased at your local VW/Audi dealership. Trans mount hardware part numbers: (qty. 4) N-905-969-06 and (qty. 3) N-105-524-02